Hi there, my name is Roseanne and I am from Manila.
Three years ago my husband became a victim of a seemingly harmless disease known as nail mycosis!

Many people are infected by a less severe form of nail mycosis and do not even know about it!

Neither are they aware of possible consequences. And based on our experience, we can say that these consequences are SCARY.

Everything started out so innocently that we didn't even pay attention to it!

Fungus infection can manifest at any time. Stress, common cold, weakened immunity. In case of my husband it was just like that. He got a cold, and a week later we started noticing the first SYMPTOMS:

My husband's feet after "treatment" with ointments from pharmacy


My husband didn't act immediately – but I was already thinking about possible consequences and I have applied salicylic ointment on his toenails.

"Our grandmothers used it, so maybe it will work!"

This "maybe" sort of treatment did not really work in his case, and he was forced to see the doctor after some time. The doctor completely removed his nail plate.

Do you think it worked?

A year later, his nail grew back completely, but the mycosis only got worse !

His nails looked like a disgusting mass. I almost puked when I saw it, and he felt even worse about it. His feet were horribly smelly. THE DOCTORS DID NOT HELP AT ALL – the only thing they suggested, was removing the nail again.

What difference does it make when fungus keeps on returning?

I will tell it to you straight.


These products only hide symptoms or just "temporarily suppress " them, but after some time the infection reappears. I will show you the truth about all of these products that doctors have prescribed to my husband. We spent a fortune on these products, but IT WAS ALL WORTH NOTHING.

Option A – systemic medications

These drugs "destroy" fungus but no one will tell you, how quickly they destroy our liver, too!

As a matter of fact, you can compare these drugs to a rat poison used to poison your body – it is simply used in smaller dosage.

Option B – drops and varnishes

I thought that this would be the only possible way of treatment for my husband, but the he got A HORRIBLE ALLERGIC REACTION. As it turns out, it is nothing unusual, since immediately after a person starts to apply an anti-fungus product on their feet the body incurs a toxic poisoning . Some people are simply more sensitive, whilst others can last longer.

I have read articles on the internet and talked to people infected by fungus. Most of them have the same reaction as my husband, YET THESE MEDICINES ARE STILL BEING SOLD!!!

While we were using these products – he had to take antihistamines, too – based on doctor's recommendation, and it all resulted in a hospitalization due to intoxication! Thank God everything ended well, but they did not help us in our fight against fungus. They suggested that we try folk remedies again!

Folk remedies! For a guy who has a nail looking like that! And that is supposed to be healthcare in the 21st CENTURY

My husband couldn't take the pain any longer so he tore the nail plate off himself.

Our story is not a one-of-a-kind. I have noticed many people in hospital with mycosis on both hands and legs! Moreover these people were both men and women, young and old.


Ever since the beginning I understood that except for me, no one else is going to help my husband. I have read a lot of information about mycosis and at one point I was looking for information on all stages of mycosis online, and about how to treat it in the CIVILIZED world.

It turns out that western countries are using the ONLY SAFE anti-fungus product available – it is called Onycosolve. It is considered to be the most efficient anti-fungus product available on the market. No one is importing it to UK (of course the British pharmacy mafia have taken over all pharmacies with their inefficient and harmful products).

I have studies all the research, case studies and surveys in detail, and came to the conclusion that this product has several effects:

YOU CAN LEARN MORE ABOUT Onycosolve HERE >>> Official website

The ingredients of the anti-fungus product Onycosolve GUARANTEE complete safety. The product has no side effects! It contains only natural ingredients which are mutually reinforcing. This combined effect allows you to achieve a complete restoration.

Because of this reason it can be used by people in any stage of the infection.

Nail mycosis– just one of the reasons to use Onycosolve. It is also suitable for the treatment of most known fungal infections, such as tetter.

Thank God, I have found the official supplier for UK. I have immediately ordered the product and in four days we had the package at home.

We have started with active treatment of my husband's advanced stage of fungal infection. Onycosolve – OUR REAL SALVATION! I have no idea how long he would have to STRUGGLE if I would not have found this product. My husband got better in a couple of weeks, and within a month the advanced fungal infection completely disappeared. For the first time after a long period (2.5 years).

We have noticed that he now grows smooth, clean and healthy nails!


DON'T WASTE TIME ON USELESS TREATMENT! And don't wait until infection develops into an advanced stage – making nail removal the only remaining solution.

I provide supplier contact for the sake of prevention (trust me: you are better off not having this problem in the first place). This supplier delivered me the product that helped us immediately – these are websites of official supplier:

All certificates are available online – I have double checked that. There is nothing more I need to say, because the product is 100% efficient and safe and its results talks for themselves!

Take care of yourself and your health.
I hope I have helped you!

Oh my god, that is horrible. How can people even live like that???
how can people even let something like this happen – I am speechless. f**k
Why do people don't take care of themselves at all?!
I would love to see how you are going to "take care" of yourself when you get mycosis yourself one day. Hygiene plays pretty much no role here. Read about the actual reason for this, then add comments.
I have also ordered it. They promised they would deliver it within a week – we'll see
Why do you get offended so easily? I am pretty sure that even if you cannot prevent everything it is the fault of that guy for neglecting this issue and allowing it to get that far
I am ashamed to admit that I have also suffered from fungus. And I agree about the hygiene notice – I always took good care of myself. But once my feet got wet, I had been traveling home for 2 hours in soaking wet shoes... and that was it... at that point hell started for me. I could not sit at work – my feet were incredibly itchy, my nails were brittle and the stench was unbearable. Now I got a bit better. I have ordered this product as a preventive measure, as they say it is a good idea
I agree with the author – anti-fungus products available in pharmacies are like poison. I feel sorry for the people who use them. The leaflet does not mention all possible side-effects.
There is just one proven recipe that works against fungus: "Take a 200 ml peanut-butter glass, fill it with vinegar, and put an egg inside. Put it aside in dark place until the egg dissolves. Pour this solution into a bottle, and the ointment is ready. Apply it in the morning and in the evening. This helped me heal my fungus on hands and legs pretty quickly (and my nails, too). I keep using it as a precaution."
interesting… how about drinking piss? You do that, too? They say it helps for some people!!!
Did anyone try ordering Onycosolve? I wanna order it and I am looking for reviews
My mum had the same issue. She is 68 and that fungus was simply consuming her feet. Nothing seemed to be helping her, too, as her immune system was very weak. My sis then sent us Onycosolve from Germany. I though it is just another useless product, but it helped her recover in about six weeks.
Did you even read the article? They sell it online because those greedy criminals want to make fortune out of it! There is no threat of scam because you only pay when you receive the product. I have ordered it – the courier delivered the package, I have checked it, and only then I paid for it. You can do it the same way at the post office – with payment on delivery. They now sell pretty much everything online – from clothes and shoes all the way to the furniture and accessories.
I use Onycosolve. BTW, I have heard about it a long time ago. It is true that it is pretty much impossible to buy in the UK. I always buy it online only. It saved my nails, too – it was a nightmare before!
I have been using it for 14 days and the results are good – I am so relieved. I am grateful to the author, as I had no idea what to do
Mark Cruz
They are telling the truth when they say that no one is safe. I have NOTICED FIRST SYMPTOMS, as I was reading this article! My feet are both itchy and smelly. At least my nails are OK so far. I have ordered Onycosolve – I want to start treatment ASAP.
The things they are writing about that pesky pharmaceuticals mentioned here are all true. In case of my husband it actually resulted inliver failure! How come Ministry of healthcare doesn't care about that!!!
Ryan Aquino
Dear author, could you please let me know how to treat hand mycosis? Does Onycosolve work for that, too??
Arlene Reyes
Yeah it does, Onycosolve can be used to treat hand mycosis, too. I got infected at manicure – who would have guessed? I was browsing sites to find a cure. I have read plenty of Onycosolve reviews – everyone uses it abroad. They only sell garbage in our country
Shieryll Torres
I personally think it is a miraculous piece of medicine. It can be used not only for foot mycosis, but against skin mycosis in general, too. I have used it to treat the early stage of tetter that my son suffered from - my intuition told me to use it (I have originally bought it or myself). In less than a week my son fully recovered
Anabel Ramos
Hey guys, my hubby suffered from a terrible mycosis – even worse than article author describes – I have almost killed myself, because there was really nothing that would work against it – we have visited a plenty of doctors and paid fortune in pharmacies. My husband was always edgy, he kept yelling at me – it was not a disease, it was more like a curse. I would have never thought that fighting mycosis is so difficult. I have ordered Onycosolve out of desperation – as it turned out it was the only product left that we didn't try yet. And it was one we should have used first! There is no trace of mycosis left – highly recommended!